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We will ensure you are fully informed at every step of your journey. See below some of our frequently asked questions, if you still have any questions then give our team a shout!

Notes from the Sea Benefits & Perks FAQs

Notes from the sea

Name: James
Ship: Disney Wonder

James – Stage Lighting and Special Effect Technician… having an “amazing time” on his first contract. Check out this office view!

Name: Gemma
Ship: Disney Fantasy

Please give a warm ‘welcome aboard’ to GEMMA!⚓

Gemma is en route to join the Disney Fantasy as a Youth Activities Counselor ✨🎨🎳🎮🧸

From all of us here at the agency, we hope you have an amazing contract!

Name: Matt
Ship: Disney Dream

Please welcome aboard MATT!⚓

Matt joined the Disney Dream last week as an Entertainment Host 🎤✨🤩

From all of us here at the agency, we hope you have an amazing contract!

Let’s show Matt some love💓

Name: Tara
Ship: Disney Dream

DCL Crew Past and Present… Please welcome (back) aboard TARA!

She has completed her shoreside training, graduated from Disney University and today is the day Tara embarks the Disney Dream as an Entertainment Hostess ✨🎤

We hope you have a fantastic contract! Let’s show her some love💓

Name: Cheryll
Ship: Disney Wish

Another fantastic candidate off to start their adventure with Disney Cruise Line✨🛳🐭

Cheryll flew to Orlando to join the Disney Wish as a Nursery Counselor and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Have fun Cheryll and enjoy every moment of this amazing experience!

Name: Trish
Ship: Disney Wish

Another fantastic candidate is off on an adventure with Disney Cruise Line!⚓🐭✨

Trisha, we hope you have the best time! Keep smiling, work hard, and have fun!

✨Trisha – Nursery Counselor ~ Disney Wish

Name: Jamie
Ship: Disney Wonder

Name: Caulumn
Ship: Disney Fantasy

“Excellent recruitment made this process so smooth and stress free, I felt valued and appreciate every step of the way. Couldn’t be more grateful for everything they have done!

To work for Disney is a dream come true. To travel the world, experience cultures, meet incredible people and put smiles on their faces is everything I love doing and I get to do it every single day. I’m so grateful for every experience I’ve been granted and every person I have met, thank you!”

Name: Ben
Ship: Disney Magic

“Excellent recruitment was excellent! Although it was a while ago when they

supported me with my interview with Disney, I always remember how

supportive and encouraging they were. Having them as part of the process

helped lead me to great things. The application is a lot but with the help

from the team it made it seamless and very easy to complete. I’d like to

thank everybody at Excellent Entertainment for all of their hard work and

effort to get people to where they want to be. I’d recommend anyone looking

to get into the cruise industry to follow my footsteps and talk to

Excellent Entertainment.”

Name: Dave
Ship: Disney Dream

“From applying online to getting my US VISA approved, Excellent Recruitment were with me every step of the way. I had the most amazing time working for Disney Cruise Line and will always be grateful for Excellent Recruitment getting me onboard.”

Name: Lewis
Ship: Disney Dream

“I found the recruitment process extremely enjoyable. Not only because the

whole team at Excellent are brilliant at their jobs. But the passion and

love they have shines through and it’s wonderful to see”.

Name: Paige
Ship: Disney Fantasy

“As I have to say Dean and also Sarah were very helpful if I was struggling to do something or get any information that I needed. They were really helpful and I had a good experience with excellent recruitment, it helped me to achieve my dreams to see what it was like working on board the Disney Fantasy. Dean and Sarah were always there to help out if I had a queries they got back to me straight away and they would help me out in the best way possible, and went the extra mile too in some instances and they were there to solve any problems that I faced. Very helpful team 🤗🐭 couldn’t have asked for a better recruitment team to take me on to work for Disney for the time I was there.”

Name: Ben
Ship: Disney Magic

“I’m forever grateful for you guys at Excellent Recruitment! Without you guys giving me the opportunity I wouldn’t be where I am today!”

Name: Kayleigh
Ship: Disney Dream

“I have achieved so much in my year with DCL already, and I still can’t believe I’ve been there a year! Time flies!
I know I was hired as a Nursery Counsellor but I’ve also been placed with Tweens and Teens!!! So I’ve managed to expand my experience and definitely have grown! I am also a Disney Trainer now! It’s been a whirlwind
of a year and a bit but I’m so glad I’ve managed to experience all the different spaces!

Keep doing what you’re doing, cause you’re great!
Thank you for everything!!”

Name: Emma
Ship: Disney Wonder

“The whole team were amazing throughout the application process. They were only an email away at each step and if I had a question, they responded quickly and with easy to understand answers. The process never felt difficult or stressful and I have the amazing team at the agency to thank for helping me get my awesome job! I love working with the kids and being able to create magic and lasting memories for every individual guest that I interact with!”

Benefits & Perks

Uniquely Disney Discounts

Disney provides access to discounts for you and your family to enjoy on select merchandise, experiences, and more

Complimentary Theme Park Admission

Receive free access for you and your family to experience Disney theme parks

Bi-Weekly Pay

Crew members are paid on a bi-weekly basis with competitive pay rates

Development Opportunities

Disney Cruise Line provides tools and trainings for employees to continuously develop knowledge and skills

Recognition Programs

Disney has a long tradition of recognizing cast and crew members for their years of service

Medical Coverage on Contract*

Disney offers programs and resources to support your health and well-being


FAQs for Candidates

Flights, meals and accommodation are all provided for you as part of your contract.

Contracts are usually 4-6 months in duration. At the end you will have a break of around 6-8 weeks before returning to ship.

On average, crew members work 7 days per week and up to 8-12 hours per day.

There are minimum experience requirements for each position onboard Disney Cruise Line. Each candidate will have related recent experience to the position when applying. They will also possess a proven passion for quality guest service especially within a family environment and demonstrate a commitment to safety, courtesy, inclusion, show, and efficiency. Being selected by Disney Cruise Line means you are part of something truly unique.

In short, it depends on the role and could also be based on your level of experience. If you reach out to us the team would be happy to share further information.

Crew Engagement Managers are onboard Disney Cruise Line to provide fun and relaxing opportunities for crew members to wind down after a day at work. From trivia nights and karaoke to special movie premieres uniquely for crew members, there are a number of special experiences for the team.

You will need a valid passport, pass a medical assessment and possibly require visas and a criminal background check. Don’t worry… our team are there to guide you every step of the way!

Ship placement is dependent on operational needs. When a crew member is extended a contract, this is to work for Disney Cruise Line and specific ship assignments will come at a later time.

Disney Cruise Line enables and encourages crew to develop their knowledge and skills in every single position and aims to be a culture of growth and development. Once onboard transfer requirements are met for new crew members, you can explore the world of possibilities across all of our different teams.

In addition, at the beginning of a career with Disney Cruise Line, all new crew members and officers receive in-depth onboarding and training so they are set up for success to connect with The Walt Disney Company, feel comfortable in their position, and engage with guests and crew members