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Recruitment FAQs

Flights, meals and accommodation are all provided for you as part of your contract.

Contracts are usually 4-6 months in duration. At the end you will have a break of around 6-8 weeks before returning to ship.

On average, crew members work 7 days per week and up to 8-12 hours per day.

There are minimum experience requirements for each position onboard Disney Cruise Line. Each candidate will have related recent experience to the position when applying. They will also possess a proven passion for quality guest service especially within a family environment and demonstrate a commitment to safety, courtesy, inclusion, show, and efficiency. Being selected by Disney Cruise Line means you are part of something truly unique.

In short, it depends on the role and could also be based on your level of experience. If you reach out to us the team would be happy to share further information.

Crew Engagement Managers are onboard Disney Cruise Line to provide fun and relaxing opportunities for crew members to wind down after a day at work. From trivia nights and karaoke to special movie premieres uniquely for crew members, there are a number of special experiences for the team.

You will need a valid passport, pass a medical assessment and possibly require visas and a criminal background check. Don’t worry… our team are there to guide you every step of the way!

Ship placement is dependent on operational needs. When a crew member is extended a contract, this is to work for Disney Cruise Line and specific ship assignments will come at a later time.

Disney Cruise Line enables and encourages crew to develop their knowledge and skills in every single position and aims to be a culture of growth and development. Once onboard transfer requirements are met for new crew members, you can explore the world of possibilities across all of our different teams.

In addition, at the beginning of a career with Disney Cruise Line, all new crew members and officers receive in-depth onboarding and training so they are set up for success to connect with The Walt Disney Company, feel comfortable in their position, and engage with guests and crew members